DRDO robots to help fight terror, handle hostage crisis

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is ready with robots which will help to eliminate terrorists and free hostages from their clutches.

These robots will have specific roles — covering the periphery of an operation area, entering target area and operating from close proximity of a target, a senior DRDO scientist said.

The first set will do outside surveillance, will create map and will relay it to the Master Control Station (MCS) from where each of them will be controlled and commanded. The second set of robots will be a miniaturised unmanned armed vehicle, BolBot.

These robots will be best utilised in a situation where terrorists are holed up in an unknown building or in a hostage situation where the map of the location and inside the building will be known on the spot, thereby decreasing the possibility of collateral damage to security forces.

These robots will be fitted with radars and sensors having capability so that these can be used in dark rooms or in night operations. These also will have carriage and arms with a manipulator to execute the order from the MCS. Also, they will share data with the MCS.

The third set of robots — the smallest of the three — will be capable to go and sit in a corner, while continuously capturing real-time data for soldiers to take action.

“The robots have reached a stage where they are almost working autonomous. But, for final stage some work is pending,” the scientist said. These robots are on display in the DRDO Pavillion at the 11th Edition of Defence Expo.

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