DRDO Restructuring: Need for Defence Technology Commission

On the occasion of 71st Republic Day, the nation gratefully paid tributes and salutations to our brave Armed Force personnel, including their families, who make an immense sacrifice for safeguarding the national security. There are also some silent heroes who have made outstanding Research and Development contributions, working tirelessly for strengthening our self-reliance in defence technology.

In the past five decades, DRDO has evolved to be a very strong R & D organisation not only in the country but also at the global level and has made path-breaking contributions to develop critical defence technologies which, even with all the money, a nation cannot acquire.

Besides, building the core competence, knowledge and quality weapon system development, DRDO has designed, developed and produced through the Indian industry, both PSUs and private, defence equipment and systems worth more than Rupees two lakh crore. Many of these have already been inducted into services.

Defence scientists have provided the nation with a credible and reliable strategic defence to provide second-strike capability, to include land, air, water and underwater with nuclear weapons, having signed the self-moratorium of “No First Use”.

Today, the country can be proud of having acquired strong missile capabilities. DRDO has developed a family of missiles including Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Nag, Astra, Brahmos, interceptor missile, submarine-launched missile and more recently anti-satellite missile. These have been achieved in an environment of technology control regimes which prevent collaboration with any foreign country in these fields.

In the field of aeronautics, DRDO scientists have developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) christened as Tejas which is a State of the Art 4th generation fighter aircraft with modern avionics, fly by wire, digital cockpit, sensors and weapon integration.

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