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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh says, India working to be a major exporter of defence equipment

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said that India will be a major exporter of defence equipment in the days to come. Addressing the HAL employees in Bengaluru today as part of state festival, he said that the defence exports that presently stand at 17,000 crore rupees, will be enhanced to 35,000 crore rupees by 2024 through various government interventions.

Calling HAL as the backbone of aviation sector in India, the Minister asked the aeronautical manufacturing company to play a key role to take up Make in India programme.

He also added that HAL must take a lead in civil aircraft manufacturing. He appreciated the PSU for achieving a turnover of 19,705 crore rupees last year.

Saying that India will be a super power, he pointed out that the country’s economy climbed from 10th to fifth place globally in the last six years. He said, by 2030 it should become third top economy and institutions like HAL will have to work hard for it.

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