Afghan Diplomats Request Indian Army In Afghanistan Post US Withdrawal

Hamdullah Mohib an influential adviser to the Afghan military made a visit to India earlier this year and privately expressed his request for deployment of Indian Army in Afghanistan for a peacekeeping role.

This request comes ahead of a peace deal between the Trump administration and the Taliban. The deal is anticipated to lead to the concluding withdrawal of United States forces from Afghanistan.

Kabul’s diplomatic sources hope to put together an international framework, perhaps United Nations-led for the deployment of the Indian Army in Afghanistan. India will definitely emerge as a powerful nation if she is able to accomplish the impossible. However, to most of India’s strategic institution, the idea of Indian army in Afghanistan appears insane.

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With great power comes great responsibility. For the Indian army, failure will have high costs with the risk that southern Afghanistan becoming a safe home for jihadists, and a prolonging insurgency could eventually destabilise the West Asian states who depend on India for its energy security.

Intervention in Afghanistan hasn’t had any substantial outcomes. From the devastation of Britain’s army, which included thousands of Indian soldiers in 1842, to crushing down of Soviet Union in 1979-1989, and the chaos the United States has descended into since 9/11, all the big powers have had their share of the bitter taste of fighting the Taliban.

The calls of help are understandable as Taliban negotiators and US diplomats are on the verge of signing a peace agreement. Bitter experience has taught Afghans to be dubious, the Taliban is likely to reconcile with terror outfits the minute the United States vacates its military bases.

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Few Indian military analysts see the deployment of Indian army in Afghanistan as justifiable. However, there is no way to provide logistical support to an Indian garrison.

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