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Russia Doubles Down on Indo-Pacific Criticism, Raises Fear of ‘Divisiveness’

Russia on Friday doubled down on its criticism of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ strategy of the US as a “revisionist agenda”, even as it reiterated that India’s concept of this regional grouping is not as ‘divisive’ as the western countries.

Russia has been a long-standing critic of the Indo-Pacific, with foreign minister Sergei Lavrov lambasting the ‘Quad’ just a month after senior officials of India, Japan, US and Australia met after 10 years in 2017. Since then, Lavrov has regularly trained guns on the idea of Indo-Pacific, which it feels is a deliberate western construct to leave out Moscow and Beijing.

When Lavrov spoke at the Indian government-backed Raisina Dialogue this week for the first time, he used the platform to deride the concept, once again. “Why do you need to call it Indo-Pacific.

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