PoK Activist Exposes Imran Khan’s Lie, Says “residents Voice Is Not Heard”

Exposing the atrocity of the Pakistani administration in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), its residents have expressed fears of identity and ethnicity loss and inhuman ways of persecution. He has said that a common resident of PoK is “voiceless”. He has clearly stated that he cannot see any progress in the future in the occupied territory.

Khuwaja Arif Mustafai, a POK activist and resident of Neelum Valley spoke to the news agency ANI and said, “Tell them that you are an independent region, who love their ethnicity, language, traditional attire, culture and will not let their values go down.” “A common resident here is voiceless. The tourism sector has seen slight progress, but it has not benefitted any local.

I do not foresee any progress in the future. A large number of people are still unemployed. Nobody has any planning to provide jobs to these unemployed youth,” Arif said.

Pakistan ready to hold PoK referendum

After India’s claims that ‘PoK belongs to us’, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Thursday, claimed that his nation was willing to hold a referendum in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

He said that he was willing to let the people decide if they wanted to remain with Pakistan or wanted independence. He further claimed that PoK held free and fair elections and it elects its own government.

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