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Let’s fail to gain in defence output

Once again ‘Make in India’ —something we saw and left in the ’60s — is being talked about in the media. We have world-class defence production infrastructures. These units worked for British forces during the World Wars, and are now under the control of the Indian Industries Board.

In spite of that, we look forward to other countries for weapons. Where have we failed? In my opinion, we lack in confidence. An example: HAL Bengaluru, under the supervision of Kurt Tank, produced the first jet fighter of India — rather of Asia — in 1961. The fighter had strong metal airframe structure but lacked power. The Orpheos engine needed upgrading or replacement.

We lacked confidence and political will to pursue forward. The world was against us because of the Pokhran test, but alternatives could have been explored. Giving up was not the solution. The countries way behind us raced past us. Read More

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