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INTERVIEW | You grow so much as a person in the army: Tania Shergill

It was Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra’s tweet […Tania Shergill is what I’d call a true celebrity. THIS video should be trending… not just the Tik Tok variety], that magnified this 26-year-old’s history-making feat. On Army Day (January 15) this year, Shergill became the first woman parade adjutant to lead an all-men contingent, and today has also become the first woman adjutant for the Republic Day parade.

This electronics and telecommunications grad from Nagpur University got commissioned into the Corps of Signals in March 2017, after completing her training from the Officer Training Academy (OTA), Chennai. In doing so, she continued her family legacy of serving in the army – her father was with the 101 Medium Regiment – Artillery, her grandfather in the 14th Armed Regiment – Scinde Horse, and her great grandfather in the Sikh Regiment.

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Along with inheriting her height (she’s 5’10”) from her father who is 6”, she’s also inherited his love for the nation. Agile in her compliments and salutations, adept in vocal projection, and already a cynosure of media, Shergill was surprisingly candid in a brief chat with The Sunday Standard. Excerpts:

Tell us about your days at the OTA, Chennai.  
The initial days at the Academy were a little rough. It is tough when you get out of your home, move away from loved ones… But then you settle down, become mentally strong, physically more active, and the type of bond and brotherhood that you develop with your course-mates is very special. I learnt so much about courage, honour, loyalty, integrity, selfless service and discipline at the Academy… you grow so much as a person in the army.

There’s a picture circulating on the net, of you as a child clutching a big gun! 
It was a rocket launcher collected from the surrendered militants during a cordon and search operation. I was about five-six years old then, and had accompanied my father to his office as we were having summer vacations.

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