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Brazil And India: Eventually Convergent?

Despite the distance and disparity in terms of cultural origins, not to say in the very age of both civilisations, it is not difficult to find manifold affinities between India and Brazil. The love for, variety of, and widespread adherence to festivities, the inherent joy, despite dire social problems, the ability to dance in manifold ways, and express diverse emotions are equally and masterly shared along the two vast territories.

Brazilian and Indian diplomacies are renowned internationally for the outstanding negotiating ability of its professionals who – in the opening of any multilateral forum – startup at the same side. Poverty, inequality, and corruption are also, unfortunately, shared many times with a sense of humour or optimism considered disastrous by other nations and cultures.

However, amidst such a considerable portfolio of oppositions and disagreements, they share a considerable number of activities and basic social functions and needs. Divergence rather than convergence rules.

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