Boeing 737 Max encounters new software issue: report

Boeing’s troubled 737 Max has encountered a new software issue that could further delay its return to service, ABC News reports. Citing anonymous sources, the Australian broadcaster said the issues surfaced during an audit meeting with regulators last weekend (11-12 January).

Boeing decided to not just rewrite the software for the MCAS flight control system, which is believed to have contributed to both Max crashes, but the entire flight computer software, ABC News said.

The new software intends to have the 737 Max’s two separate flight computers communicate with each other for the first time, the broadcaster added. In the past, one of the 737’s flight computers would operate independently and switch to the other during the next flight. During the audit last weekend, they found that the two flight computers were not talking to each other at start-up.

A CNN report, which followed up the ABC News report, said the issue is not related to the software revisions Boeing made to address the cause of two fatal crashes that killed 346 people, and would not occur during flight.

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