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Beyond enemy lines: A soldier’s mission to protect the country

Secunderabad: To join the Indian Army and serve the country had always been Lt Col Ananda Pillai’s dream. And when the opportunity presented itself, Pillai grabbed it with both hands. Pillai who was born in Chittoor joined the Indian Army Services Corps as he wanted to protect his country. “I want to cross over to fight the Pakistan army,” he volunteered as the senior army officers asked for those who were willing. “You have just been married for less than a year. Are you sure you want to take a chance?” his colleagues asked the 26-year-old Ananda Pillai.

Ananda Pillai had only been waiting for such an opportunity in his life. During his admission interview at Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun, interviewers asked him was why he wanted to join the forces. “I want to kill the enemy,” he had said in response. “What if we do not give you admission?” the interviewers asked. “I will try again and not give up,” he responded. “The Indian Army needs people like you who are fearless and with a never-give-up attitude,” they said.

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