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Ammo reserves full, stocks high: Army chief says preparedness not dependent on budget allocations

The Indian Army has managed to fill the gap in the ammunition shortage over the last two years as it went on a procurement spree. Army Chief Gen MM Naravane told India Today TV that ammunition shortage is a thing of the past now.

“Our reserves are full now, and stock levels are quite high. There were shortages in the past that have been met,” he said in an exclusive conversation on a range of issues. In the last three years, procurement worth more than 30,000 crores has ensured the critical gap is made up and the Army’s firepower enhanced.

The Army had been facing a critical ammunition shortage and internal assessments after the Uri attack in 2016 finally came as a wake up call for the government. Internal reviews, shared with the government post-Uri attack, revealed that the ammunition holdings would not last beyond 10 days of intense war.

This has changed in the last few years.

Since then, the ammunition for tanks and artillery for sustaining superior firepower that was in the most critical state has been made up.

“Government took good initiative and gave emergency powers to vice chiefs for ammunition procurement. Delegation of full powers to vice chiefs was also given for revenue procurement. As a result of that lot of ammunition issues was resolved as the procurement was fast-tracked,” General Naravane added.

Budget not a cause of worry will continue to be operationally prepared

Talking about the expectations and prioritising the budget the Army chief said that he hoped that the army’s requirements are met in the upcoming allocation.

“Notwithstanding the allocation, over the years we have inducted high-tech platforms. There is nothing to be concerned, we will always be operationally prepared and ready to meet all exigencies,” he said.

He said the army has sent its requirements to the government and hoped that the allocation will be made as per the current needs.

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